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I am Jonas Pinson, a student NMCT who is looking for an interesting internship and some cool projects. I'm interested in Machine and deep learning, the wonderful world of IoT and using new and exiting gadgets to create amazing things.

If you are interested, there is more information about me down below. Have a look at my life/career and browse through my WIP and completed projects or download my CV.

Have fun!

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JUN 2014

High school graduation! I studied Economy Modern languages.

Enrollment DAE

SEP 2014

Enrolled in DAE (Digital Arts and Entertainment) at Howest.
At the time as a gamer I was very interested in Game Development.

First game

JUN 2015

As a project for school we had to develop our own little platformer.
I created a simple version of the game "Mercenary Kings"

Enrollment in NMCT

SEP 2016

After about 2 years it became clear that Game Development wasn't my calling. I felt too trapped in the singular focus of the courses. I wanted something more. Soon I found NMCT and enrolled there. This choice has been one of the best I have ever made. I found something I was genuinly interested in!

Project I - Weather station

JUN 2017

For the final project of my first year I made a Functioning low cost weather station equiped with a bunch of sensors and a webpage as interface.


First professional website

JUL 2017

As a dietitian, my mom asked me to create a webplatform she could use. While it is not the most beautiful website to look at (as I am not a designer), the backend and platform resting on it are quite impressive. This way customers can receive daily updates on how they are doing based on what they eat and fill in on the site


Project II - Interactive Robot

JAN 2018

Can a Zora robot mimic a persons movement with the kinect?
Our teachers did not have high excpectations for this project. They considered it too difficult for students to accomplish. This resulted in a very driven team to prove our teachers wrong!


Project III - Image classification for TVH

JUN 2018

Using data we got from TVH and a Tensorflow model we created for Image recognition and classification. My team and I succesfully developed a fast and reliable model that is now being integrated in TVH.


Data Engineering + Python GUI

JUL 2018

Using PyQT5 to create a gui and python as backend and some ancient technology still running on windows 95 supplying me with new data. I had to reengineer software that hasn't worked for 10+ years from scratch.


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